Integration has the benefits of allowing citizens to respect other cultures, creating a sense of unity within a community. In addition,individuals that partake in multiple societies gain resources from multiple cultures while expanding their own horizon.

For us integration means keeping what you like about the culture, tradition and values that you grow up with, and taking in the values and traditions from others that aline with your personal values and principles to create a more richer and rounded life.

Statistics Sentralbyrå Norway (Veien til en vellykket integrering rapport i 2015) shows that former immigrants from Eritrea do well after the formal introduction program. Many participants after the formal program have about three times as much chance of getting into work or education and are better integrated.

DIN ARENA strives to facilitate integration to the Norwegian society through disscussion and dialogue with more experienced individuals and their stories of adoption to their new home. We encourage interactive knowledge exchange in which all participants are able to partcipate and engage.