Communication is a foundational skill for us to be effective, personally and collectively, in order to achieve anything individually, as a team or organisation. Thus, understanding the difference between debate, dialogue, and discussion has been crucial. It is one of the necessary action to take to improve the communication skill and in identifying the intention of your gathering.

Debate is consideration for the propose of winning or losing in the conversation. It is usually informal way of discussion on an issue, especially a political or religious issue, by argument or comment with a view to win or convince the other party.

In a dialogue, people freely and creatively explore issues, listen deeply to each other, and suspend their own views in search of the truth. Its purpose is to build a relationship.
Discussion is an exchange of ideas and opinions by questioning in open way. The aim of the conversation to understand and explore what someone trying to share, learn and understand in the gathering.

In DIN Arena we focus on discussions and dialogues on issues that challenging our social life and living abroad. We use these two communication methods because we believe they suite our type of gathering and fining them engaging and helpful for that purpose .

DIN Arena aims to cultivate a culture of tolerance and dialogue among Eritreans, to support and promote personal and professional growth, and to facilitate integration to the Norwegian society.